Successful Expo at the Blaisdell

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2018 Hawaii Fish & Dive Expo


WAIHANA teamed up with legendary outfitter, Hana Pa’a to create the Hawaii Skindiver Uku Spearfishing wetsuit.  Our team was out in full force and welcomed the expo patrons with open arms.  It was a fantastic two days of talking fish stories with the local community.

Team Divers

Friendships and Knowledge

Sharing knowledge is a key aspect to the sport of Spearfishing and in the creation of premium quality wetsuits.  Our Watermen conducted demonstrations in fine art and Gyotaku, as well as helping to explain features of our wetsuit.

Careful Consideration

Finding the Perfect Fit

Company co-founder Steve Murphy assists customers on finding the perfect fit.  With over 15 sizes to choose from, we have the wetsuit for you!

Innovative Designs, Quality Craftsmanship


Never ones to rest on our laurels, we are constantly innovating.  Our design team carefully considers new materials, stitching & bonding techniques, and is in the water day after day refining our products.

Customer Service

Staying True to our Promise

The Spearfishing industry is a competitive marketplace with a myriad of options.  By staying true to our roots, we actively listen to our customers and continually modify and evolve our products.  Our integrated SOS whistle is a perfect example of customer inspired innovations.

From all of us at WAIHANA

Thank you!

The showing at this year’s expo was astounding and exceeded our wildest imagination.  Partnering with Hawaii Skindiver proved to be an incredibly gratifying experience and we were proud to help represent them in their booth.  We look forward to seeing all the new friends we made out on the water soon!

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