Men's Kajiki Wetsuit

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When we set out to create Hawaii's best spearfishing and freediving suit, we held nothing back. We sourced the very best eco-friendly neoprene and assembled our suit with bombproof and extremely durable glue-over-stitch bonding.  When you put on a WAIHANA Kajiki Wetsuit, you will feel the quality immediately, while brilliant additions like an integrated distress whistle located on the shoulder will keep you feeling safe all day.  Our titanium dioxide lining makes it a breeze to slip into the suit while underway, and with thick screen printing, you won't go sliding around above deck.  Buy Local.  By Locals.  WAIHANA.

Kajiki is a term for pacific blue marlin that is commonly used around Hawaii’s fish markets and offshore fishing fleets. The name for all marlin in the Hawaiian language is A’u, and this distinction was derived from the Japanese name Kurokajiki. The blue marlin is no doubt the apex billfish of its pelagic environment. In 1970 the largest recorded pacific blue marlin ever caught on rod and reel weighing in at 1805 pounds was landed by a group of anglers aboard the charter boat Coreene C skippered by Capt. Cornelius Choy. Though males rarely exceed 300 lbs and females rarely exceed 1000 lbs, larger females are out there. Commercial fisherman have reportedly boated much larger fish with rumors existing of a behemoth Blue Marlin brought into the famous Tsukiji market in Tokyo, Japan that weighed in at nearly 2,500 pounds. Lacking the obvious stripes of the nairagi aka striped marlin this apex predator relies on its color contrast to blend in.

Our newest suit was designed with the blue water hunter in mind and features many careful design elements catered to the open ocean freediving environment. The kajiki and virtually all open ocean pelagic fish rely on dark to light contrast to blend in with the sun rays on the surface, or the deeper darker shades of the deep from below. This was part a cornerstone of the design inspiration we applied to creating our newest wetsuit.


  • 1.5mm or 3.5mm Performance Neoprene
  • Dye camouflage on Ultra-Stretch Poly Lycra Laminate
  • .999 Silver Titanium Dioxide Internal Coating

 Kajiki Jacket Details

  • Hooded jacket
  • 7mm chest loading pad on exterior of suit
  • Preformed arms for ultimate fit/comfort
  • Glue-reinforced stitching on elbows, chestpad, and whistle pocket
  • Emergency Whistle with integrated pocket
  • Protective screens on chestpad, elbows and seat area
  • Double closure clips on beavertail
  • Smoothskin seals around wrists

 Kajiki Trouser Details

  • 4" or 10cm Superskin seal around the waist
  • Smoothskin seals around ankles
  • Protective screen on knees

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jason Wolske
Silk Pajamas

I don’t wear silk pajamas often, but when I do I feel ridiculously comfortable. Like… everywhere. That’s what these Waihana suits feel like. Warm, silk pajamas. When you’re diving and you’re uncomfortable for any reason, you’re not going to perform your best. I can say with complete honesty that warmth and comfort are the least of my worries when I slip into one of these bad boys.

Julian Bell
Incredible customer service

I purchased the Kajiki women’s wetsuit for my girlfriend’s birthday. We live in Florida and had the suit shipped to her place. When we opened the package we noticed a small tear in the inside lining. We sent photos and an email back to the store in Oahu. When the owner, Steve Murphy, contacted me directly on the phone se spoke for nearly 10 minutes. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and appreciative of our business. He immediately offered to replace the wetsuit at no cost. I was more than impressed by their service. He also gave me advice on how to repair wetsuits and on free diving in general as we are newbies to the sport. I will definitely make all future purchases through their company.

Side note - I am active duty Coast Guard and they offer a great discount for active duty and retired members. Be sure to ask when ordering.

Thanks so much and we hope to see you when we visit Hawaii!

Mallori Johnson
Super warm & cute!

Great quality wetsuit, very warm and love the pink accents. I am 5’8 145lbs and the ML fits perfectly.
Got some PB fish the first time wearing it so I think it’s a good luck charm lol

Chad Perlyn
Great suits

We have 3 different suits. Love them all. Fantastic quality and fit.

Addrianna R.

Within the first month of wearing this wetsuit I got my Freediving PB of 30 meters, followed by 35 meters two months later. I've spent all summer in this suit shooting large pelagic fish and increasing my diving abilities. I attribute these accomplishments to the suit! Its perfect fit keeps me comfortable, relaxed, and streamlined, unlike the unisex or men's suits that gapped and bulked in all the wrong places making me cold and fidgety. Plus, the loading pad is perfectly placed and thick enough for speargun loading comfort. Additionally, the titanium lining allows the suit to slide on with just water, no need to use reef damaging conditioners! Wearing a suit designed for my curves, that is also incredibly beautiful, allows me to spend long days in the water crushing my personal records. I love the Kajiki and highly recommend.

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