Premium gear for Watermen.

Welcome to WAIHANA.  We are a new lifestyle brand with freediving at our core! Our goal is to produce the highest quality neoprene products and apparel in the industry that incorporate both style and function. Waihana was founded in 2018 on Oahu’s North shore by three friends looking to create great products for the Hawaii community and the global waterman tribe. We formed a team including some of the best spearfishermen in the state of Hawaii to rigorously test our wetsuit designs created by our in house design and manufacturing expert. After countless hours of research and development we are proud to bring our first product to market, the Goliath Grouper wetsuit. Groupers around the world are the ultimate reef ambush predator with the goliath grouper being at the pinnacle of these apex predators. It was the unique camouflage of these reef bruisers that inspired the goliath grouper suit. This suit features Yamamoto 39 neoprene with a unique gold titanium dioxide lining and a built in safety whistle along with many other thoughtful design advantages.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our new wetsuit and to making new friends through our water related passions.  See you in the water!