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男士 Essentials Line 潛水服

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基於 Goliath Grouper 和 Kajiki Performance Spearfishing 潛水服的巨大成功,我們大膽的新 Essentials 系列巧妙地將形式與功能結合在一起。 WAIHANA ESSENTIALS 具有其他潛水服製造商無法比擬的優質工藝、精湛設計和入門級價格點。 WAIHANA ESSENTIALS 潛水服提供我們全系列的男士和女士尺碼。該套裝包含一個高能見度的風帽、安全哨,以及腳踝、手腕和風帽開口處的光滑皮膚密封。套裝內襯採用超彈力面料,穿著舒適且無需潤滑劑。



  • 1.0 毫米、3.0 毫米或 5.0 毫米的環保氯丁橡膠
  • 超彈性聚萊卡層壓板
  • 超彈力內布襯裡,無需潤滑


  • 連帽夾克
  • 套裝外部有 7 毫米的胸部負重墊
  • 預成型的手臂,帶來極致的貼合度/舒適度
  • 帶有集成口袋的緊急口哨
  • 海狸尾巴上的雙閉合夾
  • 手腕和風帽周圍的光滑皮膚密封


  • 腰部周圍有 4 英寸/10 厘米 Superskin 密封
  • 腳踝周圍的光滑皮膚密封
  • SuperTex 加固護膝

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Addrianna R.

I wore the 1mm suit in Cabo and shot a 50+lb Wahoo. It's breathable, easy to put on, protects me from jellies without feeling cumbersome, and feels more like a second skin than a wetsuit. I love it for warm water spearing.

Muff diver
Kumu slayer

Multi purpose water/land kumu slaying wetsuit! Aesthetically pleasing while keeping me warm and agile in the water and on the deck!

Sean Kennedy
Excellent wetsuit

This my first wetsuit from Waihana and I am very impressed. I have worn just about every type of wetsuit out there, surf, dive, spearfishing, etc. and just about every brand imaginable. Waihana holds there own in every category - quality, fit, design, affordability and most importantly customer service. My new essentials 5mm fits perfectly and is of the best quality. I am very impressed with the snap closures and the safety whistle, both great features for what this suit was designed for. The suit performs as expected in the water, amazingly. I am looking forward to making more purchase from Waihana and can’t wait to see what other products they come up with!

Kara Pedersen
Love this wetsuit!

This wetsuit is super stretchy and so comfortable! I love the fact you don’t need lubricant to put it on. The smooth skin openings help keep water out, keeping you extra toasty and warm. Waihana has mastered the women’s anatomical cut, somehow fitting better than the custom wetsuits I’ve tried. Highly recommend!


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