女式 Kajiki 潛水服

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當我們著手打造夏威夷最好的魚叉捕魚和自由潛水服時,我們毫不猶豫。我們採購了最好的環保氯丁橡膠,並用防彈和極其耐用的膠水縫合粘合組裝了我們的西裝。當您穿上 WAIHANA Kajiki 潛水服時,您會立即感受到它的品質,而位於肩部的集成求救哨等出色的附加功能將讓您一整天都感到安全。我們的二氧化鈦襯裡讓您在航行中輕鬆穿入西裝,並且採用厚絲網印刷,您不會在甲板上滑動。購買本地。當地人。外哈納。

Kajiki 是太平洋藍槍魚的一個術語,通常在夏威夷的魚市和近海捕魚船隊周圍使用。夏威夷語中所有馬林魚的名稱是 A'u,這種區別源自日語名稱 Kurokajiki。藍槍魚無疑是其遠洋環境中的頂級長嘴魚。 1970 年,有記錄的最大的太平洋藍馬林魚用釣竿和捲軸捕獲,重達 1805 磅,由一群垂釣者登上由船長 Cornelius Choy 船長的包租船 Coreene C 上岸。雖然雄性很少超過 300 磅,雌性很少超過 1000 磅,但更大的雌性就在那裡。據報導,商業漁民已經釣到了更大的魚,有傳言稱,一隻重達近 2,500 磅的巨型藍槍魚被帶到日本東京著名的築地市場。缺乏 nairagi aka 條紋馬林魚的明顯條紋,這種頂級捕食者依靠其顏色對比來融入。我們最新的套裝在設計時考慮到了藍水獵人,並具有許多精心設計的元素,以迎合開闊的海洋自由潛水環境。 kajiki 和幾乎所有遠洋中上層魚類都依賴於深淺對比,以與表面的太陽光線或從下方更深的深色調融為一體。這是我們用於打造最新潛水服的設計靈感的一部分。


  • 1.5 毫米或 3.5 毫米高性能氯丁橡膠
  • 超彈力聚萊卡層壓板上的染料迷彩
  • .999 銀二氧化鈦內塗層

Kajiki 夾克詳情

  • 連帽夾克
  • 套裝外部有 7 毫米的胸部負重墊
  • 預成型的手臂,帶來極致的貼合度/舒適度
  • 肘部、胸墊和哨袋採用膠水加固縫線
  • 帶有集成口袋的緊急口哨
  • 胸墊、肘部和座椅區域的防護屏
  • 海狸尾巴上的雙閉合夾
  • 手腕周圍的光滑皮膚密封

Kajiki 褲子詳情

  • 腰部周圍有 4 英寸或 10 厘米 Superskin 密封
  • 腳踝周圍的光滑皮膚密封
  • 膝蓋上的防護屏

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Addrianna R.

Within the first month of wearing this wetsuit I got my Freediving PB of 30 meters, followed by 35 meters two months later. I've spent all summer in this suit shooting large pelagic fish and increasing my diving abilities. I attribute these accomplishments to the suit! Its perfect fit keeps me comfortable, relaxed, and streamlined, unlike the unisex or men's suits that gapped and bulked in all the wrong places making me cold and fidgety. Plus, the loading pad is perfectly placed and thick enough for speargun loading comfort. Additionally, the titanium lining allows the suit to slide on with just water, no need to use reef damaging conditioners! Wearing a suit designed for my curves, that is also incredibly beautiful, allows me to spend long days in the water crushing my personal records. I love the Kajiki and highly recommend.

David Wildenstein
Only one word


Kara Pedersen
Favorite wetsuit!

This wetsuit is seriously the best wetsuit ever! I’m a bit curvy on the bottom with a smaller waist, so usually have a hard time finding the right fit. Waihana has really mastered the women’s cut, and this wetsuit fits me like a glove. It is so stretchy and warm, I sometimes forget I’m wearing it! The colors are so freaking cute but also super practical. Great for blue water camouflage and the hot pink stripe on the hood makes it easy for boaters to spot you on the surface. I’m in love with this wetsuit!!

Lance Dunn

Truely the most epic Spearfishing wetsuit I have ever owned! From outside the aqua blue ocean Camo to the supple titanium inside that enables your body to glide effortlessly in! The extremely lite weight material not only makes it feel like just another layer of your own skin but allows u to use less weights for a more pleasurable dive all round! To all the water lovers out there u need/must get your hands on the Kajiki wetsuit by Waihana and Headhunter! You’ll never want to wear any other suit !!!!!


I love this suit! The colors are so vibrant and the fit is perfect. It is easy to slip on and the quality is better than any suit I’ve ever had. I am 5’7” and about 143 lbs and the small fit perfectly. I really like the distress whistle to have on you just in case. This is my second suit from Waihana and definitely will not be my last.


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