The Waihana Hat Collection is a curated selection of high-quality trucker hats, meticulously designed for lovers of the ocean and the great outdoors. Each hat is a testament to Waihana's commitment to quality and style, crafted with premium materials and infused with the brand's unique spirit.

    Our latest collection features Waihana Aqua Shield Hydrophobic coatings and performance textiles to maximize your experience on the water.  With features like a floating brim and anti-microbial fibers, your Waihana Aqua Shield Hat will outperform the competition and keep your head free from the sun's harsh rays.

    At Waihana, we believe in creating products that our customers will love as much as we do. We invite you to explore the Waihana Hat Collection and find the perfect accessory to accompany you on your next outdoor adventure.

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