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Waihana Goliath Grouper Gloves
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Gants unisexes Goliath Grouper

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  • Inventaire en route
  • 1,5 mm, 3,5 mm et 5,5 mm
  • 100% néoprène vert CR
  • Or SCS doublé
  • 100% étanche
  • Paumes renforcées d'encre silicone avec notre motif d'écailles de poisson signature
  • Toutes les coutures sont doublement enduites de polyuréthane liquide transparent

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Steve Winchester
Great fitting gloves

Perfect for me! They fit great, giving me perfect control of any gear I operate down there in the deep. Plus they match my Grouper suit perfectly! Now, if only they had socks to match...I'd pick up a pair in an instant! Great product, you can't go wrong.

We are gratified to hear that the size and quality are meeting your expectations. Perhaps we will make Grouper socks in the future! Thank you.

Anna Myorkis
Recommend a size down for females

If you're a female I recommend ordering these a size down, as they are unisex sizing. I wanted to match my grouper suit and these get the job done in style! I only wish they had socks that matched too.

Paul Ramirez
Loving these gloves!

I picked these up two months ago from my local dealer here in Florida and love how they match my Grouper Wetsuit. They are comfortable and super stretchy.

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